Why We Exist
Space helmet.
why wonder?
a letter from our ceo
Welcome. I’m Andy Kleinman and I’m the Founder & CEO of Wonder. I want to tell you why we exist, and why your curiosity and support mean the world to us.

Everyone at Wonder loves video games, movies, television shows, comic books and most importantly, we love discovering new innovative products and gadgets.

The world is filled with people like us. We’re enthusiasts: PLAY is in our DNA. We enjoy talking about movies as much as watching them. We love mastering the mechanics of a game as much as we love playing it. We feel an emotional connection with the ideas, products or services that we care about.

These days, the market feels cluttered with new products and services that seem to be all the same. Big company launches a new product, and everyone else follows. Smartphones are a good example of this issue. All of these “alternatives” that claim to be different, are anything but. This is because the market is massive, and everyone wants an equal chance to capture a piece of that same pie.

That’s where Wonder comes in. What if our core mission was to build a company for people like us, the gamers and the dreamers, instead of just trying to cater to the masses? There are millions of us out there, who not only appreciate being different from the rest, but also want to help set the course for future innovation. The special thing about the community that Wonder is building is that we know our users will be the ones that will help us improve and get better over time.

This is an ambitious proposition for a startup, but we have a plan. It starts with an incredible group of passionate, smart, talented, experienced individuals with many years of experience creating consumer electronics, smartphones, game consoles, video games, movies and other fun stuff. All of us have worked at larger companies, and we all came together because we saw the opportunity to do things differently.

So, if any of this resonates with you, stick around and apply for our Alpha Program. Details on our first products are coming very soon. Instead of promising you the moon, we can promise you that we’re working incredibly hard to deliver the types of experiences we are most excited about. We know that as we grow as a company and more people like you join the ride, we will be in an even better position to innovate and deliver wonder.

Andy Kleinman , Founder & CEO